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I believe you have a unique soul essence that wants to live and love and be fully expressed.  
I believe that joy is our human birthright.  
I believe that individuals waking up in their everyday lives is our best hope for creating the world our hearts know is possible.

I help my clients create the lives and relationships of their dreams.  

Through healing old trauma patterns embedded in the unconscious, and reprogramming limiting beliefs, people tap into more Life Force Energy, more Creativity, and Easy Self-Confidence, all which support Big Change that manifests Elegantly and Effortlessly. (That "elegantly and effortlessly" bit is where the NLP magic comes into play.)


My clients tend to have a sophisticated understanding of themselves and their patterns.  I love working with smart people who want more than just insight-oriented therapy, and are ready for evolution and change.


Many of my clients are feeling fairly stable in many aspects life, and looking for extra support and guidance around unexpected challenges or growing pains that come with reaching for their highest potential. 

I often work with people who have been operating successfully with incredible resilience overtop a layer of past trauma, and are ready to thrive now in happiness and full self-expression.

These clients are looking for someone to be a collaborative explorer and facilitative guide to shine light on the shadows, support them in reclaiming their full creative power, and *help the old patterns to change for good*, not simply be better understood. 


I am continually impressed by the brilliance, quickness, and wisdom of my clients.  I see them in their wholeness and use my intuition and systems-perspective to help them align their whole selves with their conscious intentions.  Most clients experience identity-level shifts where their whole world feels like it opens up as they no longer walk around the world with the old armoring, projecting old fears onto the world.

Many people today are on a journey of finding the courage to live and make decisions from Love and Joy rather than fear and scarcity.  It is my great pleasure to support you on that journey!

My clients include creative entrepreneurs, therapists, healers, spiritual seekers, conscious evolutionaries, doctors, CEOs, writers, programmers, artists, yogis, lawyers, and many couples.

I absolutely LOVE working with people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.

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Ania Ananda Wood


- MA in Depth Psychotherapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies.


- NLP Master Practitioner in Transformational NLP through NLP Marin


- Certified EFT Practitioner


- Certified Conscious Living and Loving Coach from the Hendricks Institute.

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