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Ania Ananda Wood (Fizyta), MA, M-NLP
I'm going to get to know a lot about you soon.  Here's a little about me.


~~I am an intuitive empath, meaning I have an uncanny sense for knowing what the people around me are feeling and what it's like inside other people's heads.

~~I am a transformation geek, frequently taking workshops and courses both to supplement my skills as a healer, and also to personally master creating the reality of my dreams here and now.

~~I am a survivor of childhood abuse who worked at healing the personal and ancestral trauma and grateful to be at peace with my soul chosing this family for a reason; to help me learn to be an emotional alchemist and to midwife others through soul-retrieval and trauma healing.

~~I was born in Poland and grew up in rural Michigan.  Nobody in school could ever pronounce my last name. 

~~I grew up bi-cultural and delight in the cultural diversity here in the Bay Area.  I also found that growing up not quite imbedded into any one cultural group helped me to be able to take a more objective perspective in questioning realities that people take for granted.

~~I had a spiritual epiphany in grad school and went from being an atheist, scientific materialist, neuroscience and analytical philosophy geek, to a mystic with direct experience of the interconnectedness of all life in the Universe.

~~I like to bridge rational thought and esoteric mysticism.  I channel spirit guides that write through me and my mind is always questioning whether this is real, and they reliably come through with information that I woudn't have access to myself.

~~I am a psychonaut and have had many of the most beautiful experiences of healing and contacting deep wisdom through ayahuasca journeys.  I often feel the deep Love of the ayahuasca spirit moving through me in sessions with clients.

~~I'm questioning right now whether I really want to write about spirit guides and ayahuasca in my bio!... and deciding to just be open and live as an honest example of someone who's a recovering skeptic having more and more magickal life experiences.

~~I was suicidal as a child and teenager, depressed as a young adult, and went through a big heroine's journey to heal and feel genuine joy and gratitude as my baseline these days.  It is remarkable really, how drastically different my experience is today, and I have complete faith that people can heal trauma and reclaim their creative responsibility and life force.

~~I am in an ecstatically loving relationship with my soul mate.  We see each other as twin flames, here to support our joint soul purposes of awakening humanity to a more peaceful and loving existence.  

~~I have experienced much healing and well-being come from awakening more and more to my feminine essence and allowing my goddess energy to shine.

~~In 2012 I created The Institute for Optimal Livinga collective of leading-edge transformational practitioners and growth facilitators sharing a vision of the highest expression of well-being, who work to empower individuals, couples, families, and organizations in the SF Bay Area and all over the world.

~~I have been an artist all my life, mostly photography and painting, and am so grateful for my creative outlets.

~~I created a weekly dance event while in grad school for partner dancing to electronic music that was specifically a more women-friendly contrast to the other freeform partner dance event in SF.  It was a risk both musically and culturally and today (with fusion dance geeks anyway) it's known as the premeir fusion partner dance venue in the world.

~~I love green juice.  I love the way it energizes my body.

~~I make amazing, mouth-orgasm inducing raw chocolate.    

~~I am a recovering perfectionist and often remind myself to practice speaking kindly to myself in my interior monologue.  Embracing "Good Enough" continues to be one of my most significant journeys in this lifetime.

~~I like to lay down on the earth if I'm feeling stressed out.

~~My spiritual practices are daily yoga, meditation, and taking photo walks on the beach.

Degrees and Certifications


- MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies


- NLP Master Practitioner in Transformational NLP through NLP Marin


- Certified EFT Practitioner through the Sophia School


- Certified Conscious Living and Loving Embodiment Coach from the Hendricks Institute


- BA in Psychology with an additional focus in Neuroscience and Philosophy from UCSC

Professional Training

I take workshops and trainings on a regular basis.  Here's a condensed list of some of my more relevant professional training.

May 2016 - August 2016: (planned) Holographic NLP Advanced Practitioner Training with Carl Buccheit and NLP Marin


June 2015 - August 2015:  Family Constellation Facilitator Training with Michelle Masters and NLPMarin


June 2015:  Sacred Relationship workshop with Stuart Sovatsky

Sept 2013 - March 2015:  Certified Master NLP Practitioner.  Masters Level Transformational NLP training with Carl Buccheit and NLP Marin


Feb 2011 - 2014:  Regular meetings with my mentor, Stuart Sovatsky PhD, pioneer in tantric couples counseling, co-president of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology, author of Advanced Spiritual Intimacy.

July 2014:  Received Certification in Conscious Life and Love Coaching.  Conscious Loving Coaching and Facilitator Training with Gay and Katie Hendricks.  (The Hendricks Institute.  Authors of Conscious Loving, Conscious Living, The Big Leap)

July 2014: NLP Practitioner Certification through NLP Marin

March 2014:  Applied Neuroscience of Change Work  -  AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming) with IFS (Internal Family Systems), an Integrated Approach, with AEDP West

Feb 2014:  Understanding the Borderline Personality Family System Training / Beyond Blame and Shame with NLP Marin

Jan 2014:  Conscious Living Coaching and Facilitator Training with Gay and Katie Hendricks.  (The Hendricks Institute.  Authors of Conscious Loving, Conscious Living, The Big Leap)

July - November 2013:  Shamanic Medicine Experiential Intensive

March 2013:  Sacred Union Tantra Workshop with Anaiya Sophia

February 2013 - December 2013:  Art of Money Course with Bari Tessler Linden

February 2013:  Wisdom 2.0 Conference

July 2012 - December 2012:  Shamanic Medicine Experiential Intensive

March 2012:  EFT Advanced Practitioner Training with Sonya Sophia

January 2012:  Conscious Living and Loving Foundation training with Katie and Gay Hendricks. (The Hendricks Institute.  Authors of Conscious Loving, Conscious Living, The Big Leap)

April 2010 - Nov 2011: Couples therapy clinical consultation and training group with Michael Klein, focusing on Emotionally Focused Therapy and attachment models.

Nov 2011:  Shamanic Medicine Experiential Intensive

Oct - Nov 2011:  Advanced EFT Certification - Intensive EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and Lightworker training in Italy with Sonya Sophia.

September 2011:  EFT weekend workshop with Sonya Sophia.

Feb 2011:  AEDP for Couples training with AEDP West

Jan - March 2011:  Non-Dual and experiential therapy training group with Dan Scharlack.

June 2010:  Collaborative Couples Therapy training Intensive with Dan Wile, founder of Collaborative Couples Therapy.

June 2010:  Money and Self Worth Workshop with Jett Psaris and Marlena Lyons, authors of Undefended Love.

2005-2010:  MA, Integral Counseling Psychology, CIIS  (final research project: Heuristic Research on Salvia Divinorum as an Entheogenic Aid to Healing and Psychological Transformation.)

2008-2010:  Psychotherapist Trainee, Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center

2008-2009:  Co-facilitator of a Non-Violent Communication study and practice group.

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