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Conscious Creativity

Awakening to our creative potential is a crucial element of living a conscious life.  So many people are disempowered and relate to themselves, to varying degrees, as victims, keeping themselves stuck in negative cycles.  It's not their fault.  A fear-based society and advertising and the disease model of mental health assault our minds with a torrent of information geared at molding humans into passivity and lack of confidence in their own power.

A core belief of mine is that we create our own reality.  We end up manifesting externally (in what and who shows up in our lives) a representation of what is going in internally.  Taking responsibility for what we create is not at all about blaming ourselves, rather about being able to see clearly and accept what is going on so that we may begin to fully heal the inner wounds that are manifesting outer challenges.

For over a decade, I have taught principles of conscious creativity in college classrooms, retreats, and workshops to groups large and small.  
I have a passion for supporting artists through creative blocks, for helping creative souls through the unique challenges that can come up when crafting an outside-the-box life for yourself in this world, and for helping guide people who haven't experienced much of their creativity into reconnecting with their own inherent creative potential.


Upcoming Workshop

Awakening Conscious Creativity – Creative Empowerment for Supercharged Manifestation
with Ania Fizyta
Saturday, January 24, 11am-6pm
Muir Beach Community Center

$180 per person (discounted to $140 per person if you bring a friend)  register via email to – confirmation sent upon paypal payment.  Questions?  Call Ania at 415.990.4451

at The Beautiful Muir Beach Community Center
19 Seascape Dr. Muir Beach, CA

About the workshop:

In this workshop, we come together as an energetically activated collective to experience tapping into our personal creative source energy. 

These processes are not merely geared toward awakening your creativity to make art, although breaking through creative blocks can be a beautiful and enriching aspect of this work.  The main goal is to open a channel into your own creative energy, so that you can call upon this resource to use for whatever you need it for in your life; be that making art, creating a business, or finding the confidence to take a risky leap in your life.  Feeling connected to your creative flow is empowering!  Come with an a general intention to open up to your creativity or a specific area of your life to work on expanding and transforming.

The first activity is group painting: by sharing one canvas as a group, with no rules on where to paint and with collaboration encouraged, you necessarily have to give up control over how your painting is going to look.  This is a very effective way to warm up the right brain, and to get past the inner critic part of the self that can be so attached to making a “pretty” art product that it can get in the way of you letting go and freeing yourself to flow in a creative process.  (I have led group paintings countless times for over a decade and it never ceases to impress me how such a simple activity can have such an impact on people when they let themselves tap into an intuitive flow.)  How you do one thing is how you do everything.  The way we approach this exercise sheds light on the way we approach creating our lives.

Next we will do an NLP-based change work exercise to facilitate creative confidence and release limiting patterns.

Then a have a spacious 2 hours for lunch, to allow for a beach walk or other appreciation of this lovely environment.  I've found that long lunches at workshops give the consciousness more space to integrate.

After our initial connection with creative flow, the next step is a guided meditation-style shamanic drum journey: you are now ready to enter a open inner space where you can get in touch with your in-dwelling Creative Spirit.  You deepen your connection with the flow you just experienced and get to befriend your own creative inner guide.

The final step is bringing the wisdom you received from the meditative journey into tangible form.  Using principles from Jungian depth work and symbolic play, we anchor the mystical element you contacted in the drum journey into your waking reality through creating a vision board.  By creating a collage of your Creative Spirit, you help bring that energy forward into your life.  It helps to cement the new wisdom into the conscious parts of your psyche when you choose images to create an external representation of an internal process.  And you get to take it home to meditate on it whenever you want to strengthen your connection to your channel of creative energy.

All materials are provided, though if you want to bring specific images or materials for your collage, please feel free.

This workshop provides light snacks and tea.

About the instructor

I have been an artist all of my quirky life and in addition to painting, poetry, and photography, I have channeled that energy into manifesting several businesses, homes, communities, and projects … created with more ease and joy each time!  After so many positive experiences with creating what I want in the world, it felt natural to bring together my life experience as a creative force along with my training in depth psychotherapy and transformation.

I am called to hold space for people who want to tap into a deeper dimension of themselves and uncover hidden strengths.  I am a servant of the Light and channel that energy of Love and Light in the drum journey.  It is an honor to guide others into gently altered states that allow them to make contact with their own deep truth and wise guidance.  For whatever reason, in every case so far, even people who are very skeptical about altered states and mystical experiences have been taken somewhere powerful and accessed unexpected wisdom in the drum journey.

It is my great joy to help people break free from unconscious limitations into creating the lives they really want.  Past participants have moved to new continents, manifested soul mates, forged new creative careers, and received major energetic boosts just from this workshop.   Many of us are told this limiting story growing up: that there are “artists” that are different from the rest of us.  Like some rare disease, some small percentage of humans are born with the gift of creativity and the rest are left to dwell in grey complacency.  No Frikken Way is that true!!!  Your creative energy is your divine birthright.  You may have forgotten how to access it, but it’s still there, waiting for you!

Guess What?!  We are all powerful Creator-Beings!  We are creating our own realities unconsciously all the time, so come practice embodying your creative energy more consciously!


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